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Down the mountain no mercy Burning bridges facing along Crushing down every power that be Massacre won’t take long Running wild, packed in crowd No boundaries are set Every slaughter, rape, looting is allowed Your power’s far from great Your power’s far from great You only master treacherous destruction Your word is far from law You only rule the forces you know It’s only half of what you see That can be burnt alone Spirits of heroes, kings, fighters are alive Together we’ll summon, It’s time Crushing Skulls of former invaders, Crushing them souls away Heavy fire unrestrained Death everywhere you look Deserving more than simple retaliation After you burnt the book Lighting up like an old pain Memory of a million souls Raisin’ at once the hate of all nations When everybody knows… It’s time To raise above our pain Every single man from every country of our former empire will stand up – fight – kill every son of our former invader in every place we can find’em From vengeance we’ll rise.
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