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Aratta is a Persian-French-Lebanese metal band from Paris. Formed in 2011 from the remains of Zagros Band, the group consists of vocalist Fred , guitarist Sasan , bassist Georges, and drummer Methy. The band considers itself as a Heavy Metal band with thrash / speed roots. Aratta mixes the power of metal with middle eastern poetry and melodies.

Since its formation, Aratta has released one auto-produced album entitled "No Escape". The second album is currently being produced.

In 2007, guitarist Sasan and drummer Methy started a band named Zagros. The band members knew each other from a Persian community near Paris. In 2009 and 2011 the bassist Georges and the vocalist Fred joined the band and together they became Aratta.

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Methy plays drums for Aratta since 2007.
He blends traditional rythms with modern metal patterns without anyone noticing.
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Sasan is the rythm guitar player and founding member of Aratta since 2007.

Bassist for Aratta since 2009, backup vocals when the pitch is too high for Fred.
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Lead singing, screaming and growling for Aratta since 2011.
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